Monday, January 23, 2017

Fantasy Frontier Second Collection

Here we are with a new blog post about one of my recent releases counting... 240 pages?!?

Following your suggestions,  here comes Fantasy Frontier Second Collection, which includes the Second series chapters 1-9 with all the extra Prologue and Interlude chapters as well, making a complete saga with Elvina, Serena, Rui, Fuyu, Nadia, Syrielle, Sheila, Sara and others in DiD & tickling troubles, facing the threat of Disarmonia the chaos goddess! ;)

While all chapters can still be purchased separetely if you need to, this digital collection book comes at a very special discounted price and it includes 6 new colored pics, 'cause I really didn't feel like releasing old material without any extras! So I really hope you enjoy the new colored cover (including all characters appearing in the comic!) and 5 new colored illustrations :)

Hope you enjoy Fantasy Frontier Second Collection!

Fantasy Frontier Second Collection is available exclusively on Pawfeathercomics. More infos/preview on Fantasy Frontier website :)

And here are some extras and previews:

 One of the funniest thing is to do the cover for these collections :) The idea is to have basically all main characters (lessay 99% of them?) on the cover wich is not easy XD I like how the Second Collection cover came out, I think it represents well enough the book content. Hope you liekd it as well!
One of the extra color pics contained in the Second Collection. They all focus on a small set of characters. Spoiled princess and bratty elf is this pic theme ;)

While this one features Rui and Fuyu, the latter wearing a cute outfit form the comic. They don't have a scene together in these outfits in the series but it was a fun enough concept for a colo pic :)

A big part of the story was about Nadia and Syrielle so of course they needed their own color pic :)

The Second series features the debut of queen Sara and queen Sheila... and their DiD/tickling adventures!

Another couple of new characters are queen Sophia and princess Iuki, cute catgirls :3
 And this is the pic I did for the website containing the previews of this Second chapter :)

Chaos spirit Disarmonia want to tell you a story ;)
Fantasy Frontier Second was one of the funniest comic to draw so far so hope you'll enjoy reading it as well :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 12 :D

Hello everyone :) Here we are with a new release! Yay^__^
On this new Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook the orcess villainess strikes back, this time trying to capture… queens!
Many asked for a new book with queen Sara and queen Sheila adventures (and troubles) and I have lot of fun drawing them, so there you go!
Spoiled queens! Cute ninja Aki cameos! Ties & tickling! Royal feet! And much much more in Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 12 - Late to the Party!

More infos/previews on my site HERE :)

And now some extras:

The cover without additional graphic :)

Cover lineart

A page sample :)

Another page sample.

A color page sample :)
Queen Sheila in troubles 0.0
A bigger version of the website pic :)
A collage of many pages form the book for a wider preview :)

The outfits design for this issue :)

Hope you like :)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.6 Aki

 Here we are with a new release :) While we work on a new Fantays frontier Sketchbook, I really wanted to release something featuring a favorite character of mine, the ninja girl Aki :) I started drawing DiD & Tickling pics of her and…couldn't stop! So please enjoy this double sized (no worries, price doesn't double ;) ) Loz DiD ketchbook Vol.6: Aki, featuring 30 pics (3 of them colored)  of Aki and friends (Elvina, serena, Rui, Fuyu…) in DiD and Tickling situations. Hope you like:)

More infos/previews on my website HERE  :)

The book cover :)
Uh oh, ninja in troubles!
Aki in cute princess disguise?^_^
Aki and Marie!
Catgirl aki :3

The unshaded lineart for one of the pages :)

Another lineart!

Cover lineart!

The uncolored lineart for one of the 3 colored pics :)

A collage of many book pages :)
And the website pic in bigger size :)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Luna and Roz

A little post featuring Luna's original character (created by Luna) and Roz (created by me), which you can find on Luna site HERE. For now no big plans for this couple but we'll see :)
And now some pics:
Here is Luna early sketch to establish her design

Luna and Roz design and DiD sketch  

The refined design for the two nosey reporters
uh oh, seems like they won't go anywhere soon 0.0

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fantasy Frontier Fashion 2 Swimsuits

Here we are with a new summer release! :D
I thought would have been nice for my Fantasy Frontier characters to take a good vacation at the beach^_^ relax, swimming, sunbathing and…Did & Tickle troubles?!?
Join Elvina, Serena, Syrielle, Nadia, Rui, Fuyu, Queen Sara, Queen Sheila, Queen Sophia, Iuki, Arlyn, Jang-Chi, Ortega and Aki on their summer time on Fantasy Frontier Fashion 2 - Swimsuits, 16 full color pages with a design and a DiD/tickling illustration for each page :)

More infos/previews on my site HERE :)

And now some extras:
The book cover featuring Princess Elvina :)
Cover lineart :)
A book page sample with Rui & Fuyu^__^
Elvina and Serena!
Elvina and orcess lady Ortega!
A lineart for another page!

Elf Queen Sheila :D
The website pic in bigger size :)
A collage of the book pages^_^

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.5 Superheroines' Double Trouble

Hello there^_^ Here we are with a new release. While we’re planning the new Fantasy Frontier sketchbooks, I hope you’re enjoying this Superheorine themed interlude! Following the previous release, here comes Loz DiD Sketchbook 5, featuring Sara and Elvina (with a cameo of Rui and Fuyu) in superheroines themed version :) Will they stay out of troubles or DiD/Tickling adventures will follow them? Read the post title for spoilers ;)
Really hope you like!
More infos/previews on my website HERE :)

And now some extras:
colored cover without additional graphic (seems a bit empty now XD)

cover lineart :)

color pic lineart :) A cameo of Rui & Fuyu ;)
a collage of many of the book pages :) I like to give readers a good preview when possible :)

a page without shades, just lineart :)

the website presentation pic, without text. I always have lot of fun drawing these little pics for the website, rather than adding too much plain text, it's a more direct in my humble opinion :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol. 4 released :D

Hello there^_^
Here we are with a new release! I’m so glad you liked my previous Loz DiD Sketchbook 3: Superheroines release, so I decided to do another book featuring some of the characters that debuted there :)
Thus I hope you enjoy The Cat and detective Rui adventures, the latter trying to protect the legendary Cinderella Slipper jewel from the former ;) Will the detective catch the thief this time? Or maybe she will end in DiD and tickling situations?!? Who knows ;) Uh and wait, is there a third, uninvited guest?
Discover it in Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol. 4: The Cat Vs Rui! 16 pages (1 colored cover, 15 sketchbook pages, 3 of them in full color), hope you like it!
And now some extras:

Cover art without additional graphic
Covert art lineart
One of the sketchbook pages without shades

color page lineart

website promo pic in bigger size :)
Hope you like!