Sunday, June 29, 2008

Laughing Beauty sketches

Here are some sketshes I recently did:) I wanted to draw a pic with her so I needed to study a bit the character. In particular, I wanted to have a good ref for her outfit, since the screencaps around just show parts of it. Not all faces came out so nicely^^; but I wanted to post most of the attempts anyway:) Oh, she's from a great, recently released videogame ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Fantasy Frontier Elvina related Sketches:)

hey there:) I found these sketches around for varous Fantasy frontier chapters; I suppose when you plan a comic, you do looot of sketches, from the character design sketches to the backgrounds and the buildings:) In this case we have:

Elvina chapter 10 outfit, the sketch has all details I needed to include so it was just to be refined and colored:)
Elvina's room design for Fantasy Frontier Archives 1; design based on chapter 1 since I didn't do a background design in that case;) Since the Archives #1 was entirely set in this room, I tought a reference design was really needed to be sure I'll know how to deal with the various views of the same room:)

And here we have a sketch for Fantasy Frontier Archive cover:) Ready to be inked and digitally screentoned:)