Monday, January 20, 2014

Elf in trouble

Quite busy these days here, and it seems cute elf Serena is quite busy as well 0.0

The pic is just a quick sketch, but I decided to add some screentone effect to it. So I added grayscale colors:
Now, to get the screentone effect in Photoshop, things may get a bit tricky. I exported the grayscale colors layer on another file and transformed the color mode from Grayscale to bitmap, setting it to Halftone pattern, inserting the right numerical inputs for a good solid screentone pattern (it depends on the size of the pic) and this is what I got:
Click on the pic to see the screentone pattern
The I re-imported such screentoned layer on the main pic and we have our finished piece:

It may look like a long task, but creating a custom Photoshop automated action made the whole screentone sequence taking me no more than 30 seconds :) Hope you like!