Thursday, February 27, 2014

DiD Sketchbook released

A preview of the cover. The complete cone is colored and has title graphic and all :)
Hey there :) I just released a DiD sketchbook :) A collection of 21 pages (cover included) pics :) Specifically we have 18 black and white pics and 2 colored pics (3 if we count the cover :) ) Be sure to give it a look on my site HERE :D Hope you like this release :) I had lot of fun doing it and it was very nice to release new pics on these very busy weeks!
Here are some additional sample pics for the book, but be sure to check the more extensive previews on the site:

The original Rui, Yuki & Ayumi returns in this book, and they still can't stay out of troubles 0.0
How could I leave Rui & Fuyu away from these pages??
Queens in distress :D Now with colors!
Thank you!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 pic :)

Happy Valentine's Day 2014 from Serena and Elvina, the main characters of my DiD tickling series Fantasy Frontier :)

Lineart version

Serena and Elvina are testing their cooking skill again to make some, uh, potentially delicious but very dangerous food for Valentine's Day ;)
Color version:

Best wishes to everyone^__^

Saturday, February 1, 2014

More Serena sketches

A couple more Serena Sketches :) Cjeck my twitter account (the window on the right :) ) to see the colored versions:

Had lot of fun designing this outfit for her :) Most inspiration came from Bravely Default's "thief" class outfit :) Chek out this nice game if you have a 3DS 'cause it's a very very nice rpg :)

Uh oh, now it's up to Elvina to save the day...maybe 0.0