Friday, June 27, 2014

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 3: Nadia and Syrielle

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 3: Nadia and Syrielle - Sticky Bounds released :D

16 pages (cover + 15 story pages) of DiD and tickling, with 2 fully colored pages for this new release! Hope you like it :) Check more preview and infos on Fantasy Frontier website :)
Some preview pages here as well:
Featuring Nadia and Syrielle, human and elf mages, exploring a dark dungeon…and meeting a spider girl whose policy about intruders is…well you can imagine ;)

 One of the two (three if we count the cover as well) colored pics contained in this book:

And a little extra, the bigger version of the website preview pic^_^


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nadia in distress

Have been quite busy but I managed to make a new site update and working on a new project right now :) Here is a pic form latest update, featuring Fantasy Frontier's Nadia! Sketch:

I planned from the beginning to paint the background so the lineart misses the pillar to wich our heroine is tied! She could easily run away right now XD The lineart:
The finished, colored pic:

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 Hope you like :D
It seems to be a pose I really like for her, since some time ago I did drew this:

 The spider web may be a good idea for a new Sketchbook with her...what do you think? ;)