Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 4: Sara and Sheila

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 4: Sara and Sheila - Queens Need Vacations released :D

 16 pages (cover + 15 story pages) of DiD and tickling, with 3 fully colored pages for this new release! Hope you like it :) Check more preview and infos on Fantasy Frontier website :)
Some preview pages here as well:

One of the three (four if we count the cover as well) colored pics contained in this book:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 3 - Extras

Time for some Extras from my latest release: Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 3, featuring Nadia and Syrielle :)

A couple page linearts:

And now a complete page which was...rejected 0.0 Actually I simply realized Nadia's feet were facing the wrong way XD Thus that part was fixed and drawn again in the final release ;) But I thought would have been nice to post this page somewhere so there you have: 

Hope you like :)

Quick Links:
Fantasy Frontier website
Sketchbook 3 preview page 
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