Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 10

Here we are with a new Sketchbook release: Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 10 :D
The previous one, the story-free Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.2, gave me some more time to assemble a new adventure for my Fantasy Frontier characters, so thank you for your patience :)
Join Nadia & Syrielle in their adventure to retrieve an ancient lost artifacts…too bad some bad orks girls have other plans for them! Will these plans involve DiD & tickling? I dare to say yes ;) 16 pages including a colored cover and 3 (in spite of the usual 2) colored pics! And a little surprise on the last page ;)
Hope you like!
More infos/previews on my site HERE :)

And now some extras:

website pic in bigger size :)
Had lot of fun with this chapter, as I wanted to return to more fantasy themes like adventurers looking for some powerful artifacts and strong foes having other plans for them ;) Nadia and Syrielle are good characters for said purpose I believe, as they can go for more serious tones compared to their younger sisters Elvina & Serena.
Uncolored cover lineart :D

The idea to start the story in the middle of the action came from my writer friend Goldlust. This way we can get right in the middle of events, which is good when the format of 15 pages need you to use them all wisely, right? :)
unshaded page 1
 This time I added 3 color pages instead of 2, mostly because this was a really fun project so I wanted to make it shine as much as possible. The orks and their leader Baronna are strong foes, and Nadia & Syrielle will have some hard times trying to defeat them ;)
color page page lineart...without colors of course :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.2

Here we are with a brand new release :)
I wanted to take a break from Fantasy Frontier adventures so to plans next sketchbooks carefully :) So this time, after Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 9, I had lot of fun drawing Loz DiD Sketchbook 2! It features fantasy frontier characters as I have reimagined them into a more modern day setting, and I really loved to draw them in casual clothes and…in DiD and tickling troubles obviously^_^ 21 pages including a colored cover and 2 colored pics :) Hope you like the more modern adventures (troubles?) of Elvina, Serena,  Rui, Fuyu and friends^_^ More infos/previews on my SITE :)

And now some extras:

Big version of the website pic :)
Uncolored cover

My favorite pic form this book, unshaded^_^

A preview of all pics in the book^__^
Hope you like!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Raven pic

I can't help doing more pics of lovely heroine Raven^__^


Finished pic^_^

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

oldies linearts

Some old pics linearts :) Hope you like!
Old batwoman/Ivy pic^_^

Old Blonde fanart^_^

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rabbots strikes back!

Gotta post a bit more often here huh? :)
Here is the lineart for a pic I recently posted on Deviantart :)
Featuring Heartgear and Rid's original characters :) Link to the colored pic HERE!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 8

Here we are with a new Sketchbook release! This is a direct sequel of my previous Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 7 :) I liked a lot to draw Fuyu' ninja team and Rika & Ruki rogues pair, so I wondered what happened to them while Fuyu was facing orcesses troubles! Natsu, Aki, Haru and their leader Kurohime faces the evil treats of…rogue sisters Rika & Ruki? This means DiD, tickling and some fun I'd say, in Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 8!
More infos/previews HERE :)

Now some extras:

Website preview, bigger version

Another extra pic form the site preview

The cover Lineart
The colored cover without additional graphic
Hope you like^_^

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Melina VS Fuyu

I found this lineart around so I thought to post it here:
 Fuyu is an original character form my Fantasy Frontier series :) Melina is an original character created by MelinaMcAwesome.
Here is the finished pic as well^^
Hope you like^_^ Shall we need a payback pic??

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fantasy Frontier Extra Artbook

Fantasy Frontier Extra Artbook released!!! Check it out on Fantasy Frontier website :) And now some extras:

cover work in progress

cover completed :D

Elvina and Serena commenting the book

The whole book pages samples^_^

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 7 released :D

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 7 just released!!! Check it out on Fantasy Frontier website :)
cover lineart

cover without additional graphics

website presentation pic ;)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 6 released :D

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 6 just released!!! Check it out on Fantasy Frontier website :)
cover lineart

cover without additional graphics

website presentation pic ;)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 5 released :D

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 5 just released!!! Check it out on Fantasy Frontier website :)

cover lineart

website presentation pic ;)
Hope you like!!!

Happy New Year 2015

Happy new Year 2015 ^__^


 Expect a new release VERY soon ;)