Friday, July 31, 2015

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 8

Here we are with a new Sketchbook release! This is a direct sequel of my previous Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 7 :) I liked a lot to draw Fuyu' ninja team and Rika & Ruki rogues pair, so I wondered what happened to them while Fuyu was facing orcesses troubles! Natsu, Aki, Haru and their leader Kurohime faces the evil treats of…rogue sisters Rika & Ruki? This means DiD, tickling and some fun I'd say, in Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 8!
More infos/previews HERE :)

Now some extras:

Website preview, bigger version

Another extra pic form the site preview

The cover Lineart
The colored cover without additional graphic
Hope you like^_^

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Melina VS Fuyu

I found this lineart around so I thought to post it here:
 Fuyu is an original character form my Fantasy Frontier series :) Melina is an original character created by MelinaMcAwesome.
Here is the finished pic as well^^
Hope you like^_^ Shall we need a payback pic??