Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.2

Here we are with a brand new release :)
I wanted to take a break from Fantasy Frontier adventures so to plans next sketchbooks carefully :) So this time, after Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 9, I had lot of fun drawing Loz DiD Sketchbook 2! It features fantasy frontier characters as I have reimagined them into a more modern day setting, and I really loved to draw them in casual clothes and…in DiD and tickling troubles obviously^_^ 21 pages including a colored cover and 2 colored pics :) Hope you like the more modern adventures (troubles?) of Elvina, Serena,  Rui, Fuyu and friends^_^ More infos/previews on my SITE :)

And now some extras:

Big version of the website pic :)
Uncolored cover

My favorite pic form this book, unshaded^_^

A preview of all pics in the book^__^
Hope you like!