Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Semi-auto Semla 01 cover

I got hired to do covers for this nice DiD project called Semi-auto Semla :)
Created by Dakuroihoshi, Eio-eio and CaoCaothedeciever, this ongoing free DiD comic is supported via Patreon :) So check the first issue and if you like please support it, as the more is supported, the more pics I'll do for it :)
Now some insight of how I created this cover:
 I got hired to also do the graphic/logo/design so I started from there:

Simple shapes applied to the page to see what could work, how much space I would have for the drawing and so on. In this step you really are free to experiment and imagine very conceptual ideas. This lead to actually creating the graphic:
In this case I used Photoshop, but a vector software like Illustrator would have been useful as well. Now I can jump onto the drawing and do a more complete cover concept to show to the authors to be approved:
Once greenlighted, I can go and do the clean lineart for the cover; I choosed a manga style for this pic, something very close to the interior arts done by Dakuroihoshi:
On this step I worked without the graphic -on a blank page-, but I kept activating/deactivating the graphic layers in order to control better the composition, to be sure no important parts of the drawing were covered by graphic and so on. Since the foreground character was overlapping the red area, I did it on a separate layer in order to be able to move it if needed. The background characters instead were going inside the red box area; I think it's better to have separated elements on these cases, so you can make changes without having to go and redraw parts or such. The next step is applying flat colors on the pic:
We're at a good advanced stage I'd say. You can get a good impression of how the cover will look like when finished. Now it's time to add shades, and add all extra effects :) And here we have the finished cover:

Hope you like :)
Infos on this project HERE.
Download full first issue HERE.
Patreon page if you wanna support this project HERE.
Thank you!

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