Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 11 released :D

Here we are with a new release^_^
Following my previous sketchbook, here comes Fantasy Frontier Sketchbook 11! Aki’s room may contain a mystery that Rika & Ruki - ex-rogues, totally not trying to steal Aki’s goods- are NOT eager to uncover! Too bad someone has other plans for all of them!
Ninja cutie Aki, Rika, Ruki, with special guest appearance by Serena, Elvina, Rui, Fuyu and…Aki (again?) in their newest DiD & Tickling adventure including 16 pages: 1 colored cover, 15 story pages (2 fully colored ones) which I had great fun drawing and that I really hope you like :)

More infos/previews on my site HERE!

Let's go with the extras:

Cover lineart :)

Colored cover without graphic :)

A collage of some pages form the book :)
A page without shades
One of the colroed pages...still to be colored!

The website promo pic in bigger size :)