Monday, March 14, 2016

Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.3 - Superheroines

Here we are with a new release: Fantasy Frontier Sketchbooks take a a break this month, after the previous release, and here we have Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol. 3 featuring my original characters in…superheroines adventures!

21 pages, one colored cover, 18 sketchbook pages and 2 colored pics featuring Elvina, Serena, Rui, Fuyu, Nadia, Syrielle in their superheroines attires and.. in DiD/tickling troubles of course! It was a while I wanted to do a this concept so I really hope you like it!

More infos/previews on my site HERE :)

And now some extras:

website pic in bigger size. Power Queen and Princess Girl arguing ;)

The book cover without colors. Loz DiD Sketchbook covers usually feature characetrs over a "sketchbook paper" background.

Colored cover. I had fun designing the characters. I'm a big fan of The Cat,, myself and you?

The two main heroines hopping aorund in this unshaded page. The finished version in the sketchbook has shades of course.

One of the color pages...without colors ;)

A preview of all pages. I like to give a good glimpse of what's inside the book, if possible :)