Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol. 4 released :D

Hello there^_^
Here we are with a new release! I’m so glad you liked my previous Loz DiD Sketchbook 3: Superheroines release, so I decided to do another book featuring some of the characters that debuted there :)
Thus I hope you enjoy The Cat and detective Rui adventures, the latter trying to protect the legendary Cinderella Slipper jewel from the former ;) Will the detective catch the thief this time? Or maybe she will end in DiD and tickling situations?!? Who knows ;) Uh and wait, is there a third, uninvited guest?
Discover it in Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol. 4: The Cat Vs Rui! 16 pages (1 colored cover, 15 sketchbook pages, 3 of them in full color), hope you like it!
And now some extras:

Cover art without additional graphic
Covert art lineart
One of the sketchbook pages without shades

color page lineart

website promo pic in bigger size :)
Hope you like!