Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.5 Superheroines' Double Trouble

Hello there^_^ Here we are with a new release. While we’re planning the new Fantasy Frontier sketchbooks, I hope you’re enjoying this Superheorine themed interlude! Following the previous release, here comes Loz DiD Sketchbook 5, featuring Sara and Elvina (with a cameo of Rui and Fuyu) in superheroines themed version :) Will they stay out of troubles or DiD/Tickling adventures will follow them? Read the post title for spoilers ;)
Really hope you like!
More infos/previews on my website HERE :)

And now some extras:
colored cover without additional graphic (seems a bit empty now XD)

cover lineart :)

color pic lineart :) A cameo of Rui & Fuyu ;)
a collage of many of the book pages :) I like to give readers a good preview when possible :)

a page without shades, just lineart :)

the website presentation pic, without text. I always have lot of fun drawing these little pics for the website, rather than adding too much plain text, it's a more direct in my humble opinion :)