Monday, October 31, 2016

Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.6 Aki

 Here we are with a new release :) While we work on a new Fantays frontier Sketchbook, I really wanted to release something featuring a favorite character of mine, the ninja girl Aki :) I started drawing DiD & Tickling pics of her and…couldn't stop! So please enjoy this double sized (no worries, price doesn't double ;) ) Loz DiD ketchbook Vol.6: Aki, featuring 30 pics (3 of them colored)  of Aki and friends (Elvina, serena, Rui, Fuyu…) in DiD and Tickling situations. Hope you like:)

More infos/previews on my website HERE  :)

The book cover :)
Uh oh, ninja in troubles!
Aki in cute princess disguise?^_^
Aki and Marie!
Catgirl aki :3

The unshaded lineart for one of the pages :)

Another lineart!

Cover lineart!

The uncolored lineart for one of the 3 colored pics :)

A collage of many book pages :)
And the website pic in bigger size :)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Luna and Roz

A little post featuring Luna's original character (created by Luna) and Roz (created by me), which you can find on Luna site HERE. For now no big plans for this couple but we'll see :)
And now some pics:
Here is Luna early sketch to establish her design

Luna and Roz design and DiD sketch  

The refined design for the two nosey reporters
uh oh, seems like they won't go anywhere soon 0.0