Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.9 - The many lives of Sara Loyan

Hello everyone :) What about a new release? :) Many people asked for a book focusing on Sara Loyan character and I couldn't decide on what version use for her so… I went for all of them! Enjoy Fantasy Frontier Sara, her superheroine Power Queen alternate persona, office lady Sara, secret agent Sara and so on in a series of 20 DD/Tickling themed pics, 3 of them fully colored! Of course some guest stars among my original characters will appear as well, so I hope you enjoy Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.9 - The many lives of Sara Loyan :)

More infos/previews on my site HERE :)

And now some extras:
Cober Lineart :)

Colored cover!

A book page, unshaded :)

Sample page!

Another smaple ;)

Book page, uncolored!

Uh oh, Sara in distress!

zzzzz u.u

A colored page sample :)

Full book preview! :)

A bigger version of the site pic :)

Loz DiD Sketchbooks 8^_^

Fantasy Frontier's Nadia seems to be a fan favorite, so here is a book starring her! In this 20 pages (3 of them colored) Sketchbook, the beautiful mage sure has quite some DiD/Tickling adventures it seems, meeting some other classic Fantasy Frontier characters as well!
It was a pleasure to draw a whole book featuring her (also because many people asked) and I really hope you like Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.8 - No rest for Nadia!

More infos/previews on my site HERE :)
The book cover, uncolored.


A page preview :)

Color page preview!

Page preview, unshaded!
Page preview, uncolored!

A preview of th whole book pages :)

A bigger version of the site picture :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fantasy Frontier Second Collection

Here we are with a new blog post about one of my recent releases counting... 240 pages?!?

Following your suggestions,  here comes Fantasy Frontier Second Collection, which includes the Second series chapters 1-9 with all the extra Prologue and Interlude chapters as well, making a complete saga with Elvina, Serena, Rui, Fuyu, Nadia, Syrielle, Sheila, Sara and others in DiD & tickling troubles, facing the threat of Disarmonia the chaos goddess! ;)

While all chapters can still be purchased separetely if you need to, this digital collection book comes at a very special discounted price and it includes 6 new colored pics, 'cause I really didn't feel like releasing old material without any extras! So I really hope you enjoy the new colored cover (including all characters appearing in the comic!) and 5 new colored illustrations :)

Hope you enjoy Fantasy Frontier Second Collection!

Fantasy Frontier Second Collection is available exclusively on Pawfeathercomics. More infos/preview on Fantasy Frontier website :)

And here are some extras and previews:

 One of the funniest thing is to do the cover for these collections :) The idea is to have basically all main characters (lessay 99% of them?) on the cover wich is not easy XD I like how the Second Collection cover came out, I think it represents well enough the book content. Hope you liekd it as well!
One of the extra color pics contained in the Second Collection. They all focus on a small set of characters. Spoiled princess and bratty elf is this pic theme ;)

While this one features Rui and Fuyu, the latter wearing a cute outfit form the comic. They don't have a scene together in these outfits in the series but it was a fun enough concept for a colo pic :)

A big part of the story was about Nadia and Syrielle so of course they needed their own color pic :)

The Second series features the debut of queen Sara and queen Sheila... and their DiD/tickling adventures!

Another couple of new characters are queen Sophia and princess Iuki, cute catgirls :3
 And this is the pic I did for the website containing the previews of this Second chapter :)

Chaos spirit Disarmonia want to tell you a story ;)
Fantasy Frontier Second was one of the funniest comic to draw so far so hope you'll enjoy reading it as well :)